What we offer:

The following is a list of services that we can provide to employers:

Prescreened Applicants

At Work/Au travail ensures that job applicants applying for job vacancies are highly motivated to secure employment and possess the necessary skills needed to complete the job.Interviewing candidates through our program reduces the time it takes a business to locate job seekers. By allowing us to pre-screen candidates, we save the employer time and money, and ensure only the best resumes are put forward.

Training Subsidy

Small and medium size businesses are eligible to receive funding to cover the costs associated with hiring a new employee. Accessing a subsidy is simple and the amount and duration can be negotiated based on employer's needs. Ask an At Work/Au travail representative how you can request a subsidy.

Funding is provided by Service Canada.

Recognition on Social Media

We are happy to recognize employers that participate in our program through At Work's Twitter page and welcome you to advertise promotions you are having.

Please note: Our services can be custom tailored to meet the employer's specific needs, and additional services can be offered as needed. Please contact us for more information on how to collaborate with our program.